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Subway Surfers Space Station

Subway Surfers Space Station

🔵 Description

The Subway Surfers World Tour Games now take you to the Space Station, since we’ve already covered the most important cities on the planet, so outer space is clearly the next frontier, where we are sure you will really enjoy the track prepared for you here, which you will just surf through, right?

🟢 How to Play:

Press up to jump, down to slide, the left, and right keys to change lanes, doing all of it to avoid the various obstacles in your path, because hitting into them causes you to lose because the police officer chasing you catches you.

The game is endless, so try advancing for a distance as big as possible, and along the way you should collect coins to increase your score, using them to buy new skins later on, and then grab power-ups too, using them to your advantage.

As you progress, the course only gets more difficult, but that is what makes it more fun at the same time, so we hope you give it your best and have a time like no other!


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